Why do I have to license my dog?

One of the responsibilities of pet ownership is compliance with any applicable laws, which are meant to ensure the health and safety of both the pet and the public. New York State Agriculture & Markets Law requires that the owner of every dog 4 months of age or older must apply for a dog license in the municipality where the dog is harbored. This provides for the identification of dogs, the control and protection of the dog population, and the protection of persons, property, domestic animals and deer from dog attack and damage. Dogs must wear their identification tag on their collar at all times, unless they are participating in a dog show. A link to the law is provided below.

New York State Legislation on Licensing, Identification and Control of Dogs

Aside from the law, here are some practical reasons to license your dog:

  • If your dog escapes your house or yard and is found wandering the streets, a license tag number helps animal control or a shelter to easily identify your pet and get him/her back to you safely.
  • Since rabies vaccination is required, the license proves your dog is vaccinated. This may provide peace of mind for people your dog comes into contact with, including staff at a grooming salon or boarding facility.
  • The license tag is a visual indicator that your dog is rabies-free so if your dog is lost or injured, good Samaritans may be more willing to assist your furry friend.
  • Most dog parks require proof of license. Other locations such as hotels, campgrounds, vacation rentals, etc. may require proof as well.

Visit the Animal Control page for more information.

Town of Ballston Documents and Forms:

Dog Licenses are available at the Town Clerk's office, open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. Please provide:

  • Completed application form (see above or they are available in the office)
  • Proof of rabies vaccination in the form of the veterinarian's Certificate of Vaccination
  • Fee of $10 for spayed/neutered dogs or $17 for unspayed/unneutered dogs (payable to Town of Ballston if by check)

Please Note: If you wish to register your dog for Jenkins Dog Park, proof of distemper vaccination is required as well and additional fees may apply.

Please call the Town Clerk's office with any questions at 518-490-2800 ext. 2502.

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