Ballston Lake Sewer

Application for Deferral of Sewer Connection (PDF)

Application for Review of Assigned EDU (PDF)

Application for Sewer Connection Assistance (PDF)

Carpenter's Acres Sewer

Application for Sewer Connection Assistance (PDF)

Building Department

Residential Permit Application for New construction, Renovation, Addition, Garage, etc. (PDF)

Accessory Structures Permit Application for Shed, Pole Barn, etc. (PDF)

Swimming Pool Permit Application (PDF)

Mechanical Permit Application for Generator, PV Array, Fireplace, Hot Tub, etc. (PDF)

Waste Water System (Septic) Permit Application for new, replacement or decommission (PDF)

Demolition Permit Application (PDF)

Dock/Boathouse Permit Application (PDF)

Sign Permit Application (PDF)

Commercial Change of Occupancy Permit Application (PDF)

Soil Disturbance Permit Application (PDF)

Homeowner's Worker's Compensation Exemption Form (BP-1) (PDF)

Highway Department

Culvert Permit

Planning Board Application Forms

Planning Board Application (PDF)

Agricultural Data Statement (PDF)

Short Environmental Assessment Form (PDF)

Long Environmental Assessment Form (PDF)

Site Plan Review Checklist (PDF)

Special Use Permit Checklist (PDF)

Lot Line Adjustment Checklist (PDF)

Minor Subdivision Checklist (PDF)

Major Subdivision Checklist (PDF)

Sketch Plan Conference Checklist (PDF)

Site Plan Review Waiver (PDF)

Town Clerk

Town Court

Public Defender Application (PDF)

Small Claims Application Form (PDF)

Town Employees

Sexual Harassment Complaint Form (PDF)


Absentee Ballot Application (PDF)

Voter Registration Form (PDF)

Zoning Board of Appeals

Zoning Board Application Form (PDF)

Agricultural Data Statement (PDF)

Short Environmental Assessment Form (PDF)