Stormwater Management


The 1972 Clean Water Act, enacted by Congress, established a policy to protect and improve the waters of the United States. In 1987, Congress amended this Act to require a program to address stormwater discharges. The United States Environmental Protection Agency developed a phased approach to implementing this program.

Phase 1 went into effect in 1992 and permits were required for a number of categories of stormwater discharges including industrial activities, construction-related disturbances greater than 5 acres, and large and medium-size municipal separate storm sewer operators. In 2003, Phase 2 of the Federal Law required permits for construction disturbances of one acre or greater and small size municipal separate storm sewer operators. In addition, all areas with municipal separate storm sewer systems within an urbanized area must develop a stormwater management plan.

Control Implementations

As required by the New York State Department of Environment Conservation, in March 2003, the Town of Ballston implemented a Stormwater Management Program including these six minimum control measures:

  • Detect and eliminate illicit discharges
  • Educating the public through a variety of outreach efforts
  • Provide pollution prevention at existing municipal facilities using good housekeeping practices
  • Require control of construction site runoff
  • Require maintenance facilities
  • Soliciting participation and the involvement of the public

Stormwater Annual Reports 

The Saratoga County (CCE) Intermunicipal Stormwater Management (ISWM) Combined Annual Report is available, as well as annual reports for the Town of Ballston.

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