Comprehensive Plan & Zoning Updates

2022 Updated Comprehensive Plan


In early 2020, the Town of Ballston initiated a targeted update to its 2006 Comprehensive Plan to reflect current needs and opportunities and identify a vision for the community. In the fifteen years since the preparation of the original Comprehensive Plan, the Town has experienced many changes including significant residential growth, demographic and socioeconomic changes, as well as changes to the built environment. The time had come to update the plan to strike a balance supporting development in targeted areas while maintaining and enhancing residential areas, natural resources and the rural community character.

On July 17, 2020, the Town of Ballston instituted a temporary moratorium to allow the Town Board the time necessary to update the Comprehensive Plan and revise the Town's zoning and subdivision regulations to be consistent with the new plan. With the new Comprehensive Plan adopted by the Town Board on April 26, 2022, the moratorium was allowed to expire on April 30, 2022.

The updated Comprehensive Plan provides a framework for the future for a range of topics such as land use, economic development, infrastructure, transportation, neighborhoods, housing, and the environment. It sets forth a vision and a set of goals, with specific recommendations to achieve them. The updated plan was a result of collaborative efforts by the Town Board, Town staff, and a consultant team led by M.J. Engineering and Land Surveying. A key component in the development of the plan was public engagement. The following engagement activities and opportunities occurred: creation of a project website, social media outreach, key stakeholder interviews, information pop-up tables, an online community survey, a student survey, virtual public meetings, regular Town Board updates, and a Town Board report card exercise.

Final Draft

The final draft of the updated Comprehensive Plan is available online by clicking the link below. Paper copies are available for review at Town Hall.

2022 Updated Comprehensive Plan with Appendices (PDF) 

Zoning Update

An update to the Town zoning and subdivision regulations was created in parallel with the Comprehensive Plan, was approved by the Town Board, and took effect on April 27, 2022. Click below to view the document.

Local Law 2 of 2022 - Chapter 138 Zoning (PDF)

Additional Documents

2006 Comprehensive Plan


In early 2005, the Town of Ballston, facing increasing residential and commercial development pressures, instituted a temporary moratorium to allow the community time to establish a vision and a direction for the future. To achieve a vision, the Town decided to take a comprehensive look at issues related to its continued growth and development. The Town's primary concerns included ensuring the community retained its rural, small-town character, remained a great place to live, and that the area's natural resources, open spaces, and agricultural land were protected.

The Town's Comprehensive Plan was completed in 2006. It was the result of numerous meetings, workshops, a resident survey, and a public hearing, all centered around obtaining input from residents, businesses, institutions, environmental interests, and others. The Plan presents a coordinated vision for the future of Ballston, outlines actions to achieve the shared vision, and establishes a framework for community-wide efforts on plan participation.

Final Draft

The Final Draft of the Comprehensive Plan is available online by clicking the link below.