Town Assessor

Tax Exemptions & Relief Programs

Senior Citizen Exemption

Section 467 of the Real Property Tax Law gives local governments and public school districts the option of granting a reduction in the amount of property taxes paid by qualifying senior citizens. To qualify, seniors generally must be 65 years of age or older and meet certain income limitations and other requirements.

  • Please check with your local assessor or the clerks of the local governments and school districts involved to determine eligibility.
  • The application form (RP-467), should be filed with the city, town, or village assessor for partial exemption from city, town, and village property taxes.
  • The application generally must be filed in the assessor's office on or before the appropriate taxable status date is March 1st.

Enhanced Star is now renewed for you by the State. Renewal forms will no longer be sent out to you by our office. Senior Aged renewals will not be sent out in 2021, due to the Governor's Executive Order 202.83, ordering the Assessor to renew all Senior Aged Exemptions at the previous year's level.

STAR Program (School Tax Relief)

New York State, through the STAR Program, provides an exemption from school taxes for all owner-occupied primary residences.

Enhanced Star

The Enhanced Star is for those people 65 years of age or older with an adjusted gross 2019 income of $90,550 or less per year. Proof of age and income is requested. Please note: for property owned by a husband and wife, or by siblings, only one of them has to be at least 65 years old as of December 31, 2021 of the year in which the exemption will begin.

Basic Exemption

The Basic Exemption requires that your home in Ballston be your primary residency and owner-occupied. To qualify, 2019 adjusted gross income cannot exceed $500,000. You do not have to be 65 years of age to qualify for the Basic Star.

In order to qualify for the 2021 Assessment Roll, please contact New York State Taxation and Finance at 518-457-2036.

Veterans' Exemption

The Alternative exemption 458a provides a property tax exemption of 15% of assessed value to veterans who served during wartime and an additional 10% to those who served in a combat zone. The law also provides an additional exemption to disabled veterans. The application form for the alternative exemption is RP-458-a; it must be filed with your local assessor.

Cold War Vet (RP458b)

Section 458-b of the Real Property Tax Law authorizes a limited exemption from real property taxes for real property owned by persons who rendered military service to the United States during the Cold war (defined as September 2, 1945, to December 26, 1991), provided such property meets the requirements set forth in the law.

The exemption is only applicable to general municipal taxes, Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake and Shenendehowa school taxes, and special district levies. The alternative exemption is limited to the primary residence. All exemptions must be filed by March 1st.

Assessment Calendar

Key dates that affect the Assessment Process:

  • March 1st - Exemption filing Deadline
  • March 1st - Taxable Status Date
  • May 1st - Tentative Roll Filed
  • Grievance Day: May, Thursday following the 4th Tuesday, 4-8 pm.
  • July 1st - Final Roll Filed
  • July 1st of the previous year - Valuation Date

2021 Final Assessment Roll (PDF)

Grievance Process

Property owners have the right to a review of their assessment for the current tentative roll completed by the Assessor. Applications must be filed with the Assessor of the Town of Ballston and the Board of Assessment Review. The complaint must be filed on or before the date of the Board of Assessment Review meets to hear complaints.